About the U.D.O.

A Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a tool which combines traditional zoning and subdivision regulations, along with other development standards for items such as design guidelines, stormwater management, signs or street standards into one, easy-to-read reference document. It is intended to eliminate redundant or conflicting code provisions, help to streamline the review and approval process and clarify the steps and requirements with clear illustrations and language.

In Saratoga Springs, the city’s Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, and Standard Construction Details regulate land use preservation, development and in-fill redevelopment throughout the City.

The City has received a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to update its land use regulations (Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Standard Construction Details) and synchronize its policy documents (Open Space Master Plan, Complete Streets Policy, and the Urban and Community Forest Master Plan) in accordance with the newly updated Comprehensive Plan, into a coordinated, user-friendly document.

The City has hired a local firm, Behan Planning and Design, to assist us in making this a reality.

What are the goals of the project? The goals of this project are three-fold:

  1. To update the existing zoning and subdivision regulations to be in conformance with the newly-adopted Comprehensive Plan.
  2. To research and implement new initiatives which would improve the overall sustainability of the City with regards to energy consumption, stormwater management, solar power, walkability and similar measures.
  3. To combine and reformat the various development standards into one, single unified document which is easy to read and understand, with improved efficiency and a more streamlined review and approval process.

Additional description about the project is available on this website, where you can find information on the anticipated schedule, how to submit comments, news and announcements, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), links to existing city documents and information about the planning team which is working on it.

About This Project

The project is part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Cleaner, Greener Communities program, a major statewide initiative encouraging communities to incorporate sustainability goals and principles into local decision-making, and then form partnerships to transform markets that lead to the reduction of emissions and the generation of economic development benefits. The program, administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), also empowers communities to take action, providing technical resources and decision-making tools on land use, housing, transportation, energy, economic development and environmental practices, resulting in a more vibrant and prosperous New York.

Cleaner, Greener Communities is funded through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the nation’s first market-based regulatory program in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. RGGI is a cooperative effort among the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont to cap and reduce CO2 emissions from the power sector.