UPDATE: 75% Progress Draft of UDO

Update: Provided below are links to a newly updated (75%) progress draft of the proposed UDO. Please note that portions of the draft which have been modified since the 50% draft have been highlighted with a light blue background.

This latest draft will be presented to the City Council on Tuesday, November 21st at their regularly scheduled City Council meeting. To find out more about upcoming meetings, please visit the project schedule page.


Full Combined Document (All Sections) – 8.46 mb

Zoning Map – Proposed Edits (New) – 3 mb


Individual sections may be downloaded via the links below:

Cover & Table of Contents (Includes Legend Key to edits)

Article 1 – Introduction

Article 2 – Districts

Article 3 – Uses

Article 4 – Design of Sites, Buildings and Signs

Article 5 – Application & Review Process

Article 6 – Variances

Article 7 – Amendments to Ordinance

Article 8 – Administration & Enforcement

Article 9 – Definitions