75% Progress Draft Posted

Update: Provided below is an updated draft (75%) progress set of the proposed UDO. Note that portions of the draft which have been notably modified since the last draft have been highlighted with a light blue background.

The Technical Review Advisory Committee (TRAC) will be reviewing this document at the next scheduled TRAC meeting. To find out more about upcoming meetings, please visit the project schedule page.

This draft is solely the product of Behan Planning and Design as consultant to the City of Saratoga Springs and has not been reviewed by the City of Saratoga Springs staff, the City of Saratoga Spring’s UDO Technical Review Advisory Committee (TRAC), or the Land Use Boards.

Full Combined Document (All Sections) – 5.34 mb


Individual sections may be downloaded via the links below:

Cover & Table of Contents (Includes Legend Key to edits)

Article 1 – Introduction

Article 2 – Districts

Article 3 – Uses

Article 4 – Design of Sites, Buildings and Signs

Article 5 – Application & Review Process

Article 6 – Variances

Article 7 – Amendments to Ordinance

Article 8 – Administration & Enforcement

Article 9 – Definitions